Pool is among the most popular board game with millions of people playing it every day. The game of pool is actually derived from a game developed in somewhere around 1900. Nowadays its popularity reached great heights and is often played at professional and amateur competitions. Pool is mostly played in pool clubs however it’s a great idea to buy a pool table of your own as playing it every day in clubs and casinos can be really costly.

A pool table is not only a board game it is a beautiful piece of furniture for your home and in no time it will become the center of attraction. If you are a pool lover who is planning to get a pool table for your home you should invest in a good brand which assures you both quality and durability. When talking about high-quality pool table you should definitely consider Lancaster 90 inch Arcade game room billiard pool table. It is among the most popular pool tables and is a favorite choice of millions of players worldwide.

You all must be familiar with the brand Lancaster. It is a leading manufacturer of sporting goods and accessories. They assure you innovative products every time with no compromise in terms of quality and durability. Their sports goods are often used in international competitions. Therefore you can confidently trust them. Lancaster 90 inch Arcade game room billiard pool table is a great choice. They provide you with all the essential items and you need not to buy any single thing after buying it. It is a complete set which includes a pool table, pool balls, 2 cue sticks, 2 chalk cubes, a dusting brush, a triangle rack and other essential items.

Features of Lancaster Arcade game room Billiard Pool table

Great build quality

The build quality of the Lancaster pool table is really good. It is available in one to three pieces of slate bed options so you can choose accordingly. Pool tables with three pieces of slate bed are a much better choice as the relocation of the table is easy in comparison to one piece slate bed. It is made with highly durable solid oak or beech wood and is also termite resistant which keeps your mind at peace and also makes sure the table will be in perfect condition for a very long period of time. It has a metal frame construction with rubber cushions, solid wood rails, and wood stands. The slate bed bolts directly onto the main metal frame. The cushions and top frames bolt to the slate bed which gives a consistent, stable and secure playing experience. The deck of the table is constructed with 18 mm thick particle board and also has great bumpers for a faster ball return. Lancaster pool table has a sturdy leg design.  It also has five-inch leg levelers made of metal with a chrome finish.

High-quality Table cloth, pockets, and cushions

Each and every component of Lancaster pool table is made up of high-quality materials be it Rails cushions or pocket. Rail cushions of the table are made up of highly durable rubbers with a lifespan of more than 50 years. They can sustain high temperature and are moisture resistant.

Pockets generally get damaged easily because of heavy uses, therefore, Lancaster has provided extra durable pockets they hold the heavy pool balls effortlessly after every shot.

Lancaster arcade pool table comes with a dark green tablecloth with a lifespan of around three years with heavy usage and of five years with moderate use. Green tablecloth and black laminate complement each other very well and at the same time also complimenting any game room. Scratch resistant and high quality rail coating with k66 bumpers ensure a smooth ball roll and bounce

Slate bed

A slate bed is absolutely necessary for a consistent and leveled playing surface. The slate bed in Lancaster pool table is ¾ inches thick which gives you a consistency in the surface while you are playing. It is made up of one to three pieces among which one piece slate bed gives you much better and consistency but makes moving and relocating the table quite difficult. On the other hand tables with three pieces of slate bed is equally good in terms of performance while also making moving and relocating it easy.

Dimensions and weight

Lancaster is just perfect pool table and weights around 193 pounds or approx 87 kg. The table measures 90 x 50 x 31 inches which are the standard size for pool tables.


The balls, cues and other accessories Lancaster provides along with the pool table are of equally good quality.  Balls are made of resigns and will not break even if it falls accidentally or while playing. They provide you two standard cues made of durable wood the length of which can be adjusted length can be adjusted according to shorts. You are also going to get triangle rack and two for arranging the balls. Two chalk cubes are also provided along with a dusting brush. You don’t have to spend even a single buck on buying accessories.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Lancaster gives 90 days of guarantee with the pool table on any kind of manufacturing defects.

 Pros and cons


  • Great build quality
  • Highly durable woods used
  • Gives a consistent and leveled playing surface
  • High quality pockets
  • Black laminate and green table cloth looks amazing
  • K66 Bumpers and cushions for faster ball returns
  • Complete set of all accessories
  • Highly durable ball made of resigns
  • 90 Days manufacturers’ guarantee
  • High quality and scratch resistant rails


  • Legs are not really strong and sometimes shake
  • Design suitable for game room only
  • It’s not a professionals table only suitable for beginners
  • Not suitable for heavy usage

Therefore Lancaster Arcade room game billiard pool table is an amazing choice if you are looking for both quality and durability at a fair price. It not only a game table but is also a beautiful and attractive piece of furniture. Lancaster assures you the best quality and seamless performance. Smooth ball rolling and bounce with faster. The cushions deliver fastball returns for perfect shot placement. Along with that, you are going to get a complete set of necessary items like balls, cues, racks, chalk cubes and other essential things. The pool table can be easily relocated or moved. Assembling it is also quite easy and can be done by two peoples. You can’t get anything better than Lancaster when buying pool tables.

Either a beginner or an experienced pool player, all you ever dream of is a clean perfectly leveled pool table. However, if not properly maintain, your table will ultimately lose its quality and shape.
So, why should you maintain your Pool Table?

Well, a pool table is an incredibly versatile equipment; however, if not taken care of it can result to damages which may cost you a fortune. So, if you want your table to enjoy quality games for a long, it is impartial to always keep your table free from dirt, dust, and stains. Placing your pool table in an ideal environment is also important for you to fulfill you’re all time gaming California fantasy.

How to Maintain your Pool Table?

Keeping a pool table great does not really require some extra muscles. So, to succeed in this-this, you need to check on your discipline side rather than how hard you work. Well, there are various ways of keeping your pool table at top condition.

1. Cleaning

Well, playing pool is deceptively addictive. However, as you sink deeper into gaming, the table gets dirty before even you can realize it. With the table in constant use, significant volumes of hair, cloth debris and chalk residue get deposited on the equipment, which if not properly managed can damage the quality of the table. So, if you want your pool table to last longer cleaning it is not an option.
When cleaning your table there are a number of components and gaming tools to consider.

Cloth Cleaning

Well, surface felts are some of the most delicate and sensitive components of a pool table. So, when undertaking this task you need to have some stable pair of hands and a keen understanding of the material you are working with, otherwise, you will end up with torn Pool Table clothing. Here your goal is to get rid of the dust, dirt, hair and chalk build up on the felt without damaging the thin linen.

So, start off by thoroughly brushing your pool table at the middle then move on and work on to the edges. Next, finish off by brushing both ends, each at a time. However, make sure that strokes are straight and light so as to avoid damaging the delicate felt. To reach the deeply embedded dirt and stains I would, however, advise you to consider giving your table an extra brushing.

After completing the brushing, use a light suction vacuum cleaner to suck the main table expanse off the brushed out dirt and deeply embedded pockets of dust and chalk. To pull out the dirt under the rails inside the pockets, however, a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery tool would be a perfect choice.

However, for the occasional deep cleaning, a Foam cleaner with a Pool Table cleaning detergent would be the perfect selection. If your table may have deep stains which you are not comfortable with a damp cloth would come in handy. Rather than rubbing off, use a wet clean cloth and blot it on the stain to dissolve it. To dry off the affected area using a dry clean cloth.


    • Consider a brush with some soft bristles
    • Set the vacuum cleaner on a low power suction

Frame Cleaning

Supporting the whole equipment the frame is one of the most vital components of the pool table. However, hidden beyond direct view, it is understandable not to notice the dust and grime on the frame.
Cleaning the frame is quite easy and hardly needs any expertise or skill. Use a clean dry cloth to dust off the table’s legs, rail, and the cabinet. Sometimes, however, you may find grime on your frame. Here use an appropriate wood cleaner like Bona to clean off this sticky substance.

Balls Cleaning

Are you wondering how dirty balls affect your pool table? Well, I would be glad to tell you how… As dirty balls roll over the table they deposit dirt and their weight push it deeper into the clothing which results too deeply imprinted felt stains. Clean balls ensure cleaner cushions, and cues. In addition dirt free balls also ensure unrestricted rolling giving you a perfect gaming experience.

Cleaning the balls is quite simple and will take you less than 10 minutes. All you need to do is wipe them with a clean damp cloth. However for thorough cleaning, especially when there are oil deposit and other waterproof dirt, consider using removers like vinegar

2. Covering the Pool Table

It is impossible to completely keep your pool table from getting dirty. However, you can reduce your table’s exposure to dust and other elements by covering it. Well, Investing in a pool table cover sounds ridiculously stupid…but look at it this way, covering your table will protect it from dust, spills and sun rays. So, your table will remain cleaner for longer, reducing your cleaning frequency. With your tables less exposed to elements, chances are it will not get dirty so often, hence reducing your cleaning frequency which reduces wear and tear of the pool table.

So, to give your pool table the most needed protection against dirt, dust, extreme levels of humidity and the lethal sun rays (causes cloth fading), the vinyl covers would be a perfect choice.


  • Consider a cover that will perfectly fit over your table
  •  Set a no drinking or eating rule at the table. If anyone must eat/drink, he or she does so at the small provisional at the side.

3. Buy Quality Balls

If you are enthusiast pool player, you must have noticed the little dots on the table surface, well; they are burn spots and not stain as many pool tables owners mistake them for. Once your pool tablecloth is infested by this spots removing them is impossible. So, there is every incentive for you to avoid them.

So how do they occur?
Braking is an incredibly popular trick among most pool players. However, as you break between 15 to 20mph there is an instantaneous temperature rise (above 212F) which decomposes the woolen cloth forming permanent burn spots.

But since these spot burns are as a result of using low-quality balls the cheapest way out is buying quality balls. Although a bit expensive, phenolic resin balls would be a perfect selection to save you the enormous costs for replacing a tablecloth.

4. Pool Table Placing

Even though you may think otherwise, trust me, the place where you place your pool table really counts on the time it will last.

Well, you should avoid placing your equipment near windows or place where it is exposed to direct sunlight. The lethal UV ray from the sun not only causes the tablecloth to fade but also makes the wooden table frame to dry and crack. Additionally, you should not install your table in houses with leaking roofs and other watery environments as this can result in molds growth and wood rotting

5. Avoid Poor Gaming Tricks

In the United States, 90% of cases of damaged pool tables have a direct relation to how the gamers play. On average a quality pool table should serve you for a lifetime. However, due to inefficient gaming techniques, most of these assets hardly last more than 3 decades.

So, to make your table last longer, you should avoid frequent and unnecessary cue chalking as the chalk dust greatly affects the quality of the tablecloth. Shots that force the cue tip to dig into the cloth and wearing jewelry when gaming is also another pool gaming vice. These digging shots and sharp edges on the jewelry can scratch the felt reducing its resilient which eventually leads to wear and tear. Lastly, avoid playing cards on the pool table.


If you have noticed signs of your pool table cloth tearing or scratches on the wood, first check if your warranty is still viable rather than rush on DIY repair.

Bottom Line

So, those are some of the ways to maintain your pool table. I hope you have enjoyed reading through our article. Hit our inbox and let me know your thoughts.

Many people around the world enjoy playing pool. It is a game that’s ideal for casual
and relaxed moments. Pool can be enjoyed by ladies and gentlemen of various ages. Furthermore, it can provide hours of fun. To enjoy the best experience of this game, you should play on a good quality pool table. Olhausen is a brand that is known for producing world class pool tables. With attention to detail and efficient mechanisms within, their tables provide suave playing surfaces and stand the test of time. Here are some of the top models from this brand.

Olhausen 8′ Belmont Pool Table

This pool table is one of the classic designs from this manufacturer. It features ornately carved wood that can fit in with literally any type of interior décor. For guaranteed stability and durability, it is made of solid Tulipwood with an original matte Cherry finish. The pockets have a diamond mesh design and are made of leather. To ensure uniformity, they all feature a matching shade of this material.
During purchase, you have the choice to pick between 10 cloth colors. Moreover, you have access to a Standard Play Package that makes the experience of playing on this pool table even more rewarding. The Olhausen 8′ Belmont Pool Table is made in the USA and is assembled at your home by an authorized dealer in your city after delivery.


  • It is built using high quality Tulipwood
  • This pool table is quite beautiful due to the matte Cherry finish
  • You can choose between 10 cloth colors during purchase
  • The shield pockets are made of durable, matching leather
  • A diamond mesh theme extends from the pocket mesh to the design of the pool cue chalker


  • The feet have sharp edges which could scratch hardwood floors
  • It is quite expensive

Olhausen 8′ Blackhawk Pool Table

Perfect for your home or entertainment venue, this pool table oozes regal elegance and sophistication. It is made of solid Tulipwood. Moreover, it has a matte black finish combined with Brandywine rails and balls. During purchase, you can choose between 10 different cloth colors. In addition to that, you have access to a Standard Play Package as well. It increases the satisfaction and efficiency of your playing experience. The Olhausen 8′ Blackhawk Pool Table has leather pockets that feature a diamond mesh design. Moreover, it is lined with Accu-Fast rubber cushioning. This makes angled shots even more accurate. The playing surface is made of special, diamond-honed slate material. Furthermore, the hardwood material that’s used to construct this pool table does not warp despite changes in climate. After purchase, this classy pool table is assembled and installed in your establishment by an authorized Olhausen dealer in your city.


  • It has a beautiful Brandywine design
  • The pool table is made of high quality Tulipwood
  • It sits on ornately carved Victorian feet
  • You get to pick from 10 different cloth colors for the pool table
  • A chalker that has a diamond mesh design is included in the purchase
  • It is subjected to rigorous quality assurance standards in the USA


  • It is expensive

Olhausen 8′ Hampton Pool Table with Drawer

Impressively beautiful upon first sight, this pool table delivers quality and performance all in one package. It is made of solid Maple hardwood. A beautiful Mahogany finish is also applied on it for extra elegance. A drawer mechanism increases its convenience during use. Moreover, the shield pockets are all made of leather and feature a diamond mesh. Playing on the Olhausen 8′ Hampton Pool Table with Drawer is an immensely satisfying experience. This is because it has Accu-Fast cushioning and a diamond-honed slate surface. During purchase, you can choose between 10 different colors for the cloth. In addition to that, the diamond mesh design is also featured on the cue stick chalker. This creates an elegant, matching appearance. This top of the range pool table is manufactured in the USA. Once you buy it, an authorized Olhausen dealer can assemble and install it in your


  • It is made of durable, solid Maple hardwood
  • This pool table has a beautiful Mahogany finish on it
  • The shield pockets are made of diamond mesh leather
  • It is immensely flat surface thanks to the slate surface
  • The pool table has Accu-Fast cushioning to ensure accurate angled shots


  • Its feet have sharp edges that could scratch wooden floors or rip carpeting
  • It is expensive

Olhausen 8′ West End Pool Table

Chic and minimalist are words that can be used to describe this pool table. It is made of solid Maple hardwood and decorated with a matte smoke finish. In addition to that, the pool table has matching leather pockets that have a concealed, bucket design. As such, the Olhausen 8′ West End Pool Table is a joy to play upon. While purchasing this elegant table, you have an opportunity to pick from 10 different cloth
colors. In addition to that, it comes with a Standard Play Package which makes the pool experience that much more satisfying. A slate surface ensures flatness for accurate shooting. In addition to that, the slate liner is installed professionally. It is bolted right through so as to get rid of possible vibrations. This classy pool table is made in the USA under the strictest quality assurance measures. After purchase, a qualified Olhauser dealer will assemble it in your home or enterprise.


  •  It is made of top quality Maple hardwood
  • This pool table features a beautiful matte smoke decoration
  • It has leather bucket pockets
  • Accurate angle shots are guaranteed due to the Accu-Fast cushioning
  • You can chose between 10 different cloth colors upon purchase
  • The pool table comes with a Standard Play Package
  • Its slate liner is professionally installed


  • Its feet have sharp edges that can prove destructive to your floor material or carpeting
  • It is quite pricey

Olhausen 8′ Breckenridge Pool Table

This is one of the most beautiful pool tables in the market. Made of Pine hardwood, it is durable and guarantees a solid feel while playing pool. On top of the wood is a Breckenridge finish that has a matte feel to it. This grants the pool table an exceptional rustic appearance. The classic theme is maintained throughout its accessories as well. The Olhausen 8′ Breckenridge Pool Table has leather bucket pockets. In addition to that, its sights feature a Buffalo nickel design. During purchase, you have the opportunity to pick from 10 different cloth colors. In addition to that, your playing convenience is boosted through a Standard Play Package. Once it arrives at your home or entertainment establishment, you can enjoy complementary installation by an authorized, local Olhausen dealer.


  • It is made of Pine hardwood
  • A beautiful Breckenridge finish grants a rustic appearance to the pool table
  • It has durable leather pockets
  • The sights have a Buffalo nickel design
  • You can choose between 10 colors during purchase


  • It is quite expensive


Pool is one of the most popular games around the world. If you want to bring its cool
charisma to your home or entertainment venue, the tables indicated above are an excellent way to accomplish this. They are all currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Are you looking for the best coin-operated pool table with exceptional features? Well, look no more because you are at the right place to find one. If you are a pool table fan, then you know how difficult it can get picking a great pool table. The fact that there are lots of such kind of pool tables in the market currently, makes the process even harder, and it’s not surprising to find yourself overwhelmed in making the right decision.                                                                  How about some little help? It will be great, right? In this review, I bring you a list of the best pool table units that will optimize your game to a new level. So, whether you are buying one for the first time or getting a replacement for your old pool table, these units will make a great selection. This is because they are not only reliable but they also come with outstanding design and durability.
With that said, let’s get right into it!

1. Valley 93 Feet Coin Operated Panther Pool Table – Cheyenne Leather

When it comes to coin pool table design, Valley Panther has perfected the art. This is why they have built this pool table and equipped it with astonishing features that will impress you. It is designed to enhance the value of the game with the importance of profit in mind.
The valley pool table arrives in 1 piece bed with a sleek, impressive corner casting in an attractive Cheyenne leather finish. Its five bolt thread-insert panther rail construction eliminates any dead spots that could interfere with the game.
Additionally, it is designed with mountable rubber pocket liners which are removable using two surface screws. The beautiful finish enables the pool table to fit into most décor styles to give a beautiful look. With a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on rail rubber, this pool table is made perfect as a game room centerpiece.

2. Valley 8 Feet Panther ZD-X Coin Operated Pool Table – Cheyenne Leather

The valley Panther ZD-X coin operated electronic table is designed with improved programmable features that boost the attractive look that the Panther comes with. It is built with advanced software that features an outstanding league dues management system, more time play, happy hour and bonus pricing alongside expanded accounting options.
Its battery is also improved and comes with a charger and bill acceptor that adds life to the pool table. This makes it reliable with faster charges. The valley ultra-cloth, five bolt dual density cushions, and the well balanced Saluc ball are included to boost playability and profitability.
What’s even interesting is that the league function enhances league dues collection with no loopholes for losses. Its responsiveness and accuracy are also improved with the dual-density cushion rubber.
With such amazing features, you can expect no disappointments from this pool table.

3. Valley-Dynamo Dynamo Sedona Coin Op 7 Feet Pool Table with DBA

If you are looking for exceptional features that a Dynamo coin operated pool offers, then this unit will best suit you. It comes with top-notch features such as magnetic cue ball detector for separation, adjustable leg, and ball system with reduced noise and advanced rails feature for better game action.
The hardwood rail construction is also a boost to its strength plus replacing them is quite easy. Its high-quality cabinet design that has wear parts covered with plastic or metal enhances its durability. The pool table also comes with a heavy gauge steel slate that is galvanized for long life.
All these features make the coin table ideal for better pool gaming experience.

4. Shelti Bayside Pool Table Sovereign Cherry

When buying a coin pool table, its performance is one of the major factors to consider. So, if what you need is a pool table with amazing performance then look no further than this Shelti. The single piece slate table comes with a cabinet that can easily be disassembled when moving, a magnetic cue ball detector that conveniently separates the cube ball from other objects and the unit is available in two sizes.
It is also built with larger chalk openings in the center return and all the six arms which are wide enough to allow the chalk to pass through all angles. The anodized aluminum rail trim offers full coverage using fasteners under the rail to minimize contact and snags with clothing. You will also be impressed with it’s tested and proven pro-am cushion rubber that provides better ball rebound and precision off the rails.

5. Valley-Dynamo Sedona Black Coin Op 8 feet Pool Table

It is no doubt that this coin-operated pool table is designed to give extended pool table fun. It comes in a sleek design with a blend of elegant color which makes this unit more appealing as compared to other pool tables.
The table pool features a magnetic cue ball detector for separation, advance rails and a noise reduced ball system among other features. It is also designed with a heavy gauged galvanized steel plat that reinforces it alongside an imported slate which makes this pool table among the best among similar units of its class.
You will be amazed at the performance of this pool table since it is both reliable and has a high-quality design for longer durability.

6. Valley-Dynamo Dynamo Sedona Coin Operated Six and Half feet Pool Table

The Dynamo Sedona Coin Operated coin table comes with top-notch features that boost its performance compared with other units. It is designed to produce little noise of ball return system, so if you don’t tolerate lots of noise, then you should consider getting this unit.

It is also constructed with reinforced ABS molded legs alongside easy to adjust leg levers enabling it to offer remarkable convenience. The magnetic cue-ball separator that lacks moving parts can separate both oversize and magnetic balls.

With useful and essential features such as hardwood rails for enhanced durability and easy replacement alongside high-quality cabinet construction, this pool table remains exceptional. If you need a unit that can remain functional for long giving you a piece of mind, then you will be impressed with this pool table.

7. Great American Kiddie 6 ft. Coin Op Pool Table with Accessories

With young players in mind, this coin-operated pool table is optimized to provide long hours of fun playtime. The pool table comes with a unique color that is appealing to both adults and young players.
It has a heavy duty coin system that is designed to offer enhanced accuracy and reliability which is unmatched. It arrives in a single slate alongside 100% plywood cabinets and all the essential accessories that you will need to keep the game rolling and for use after the game.
With proven reliability, this coins operated pool table perfectly fits a commercial setting due to the remarkable gaming experience that it delivers.


Depending on your budget, there are lots of coin-operated pool tables to choose from. However, not all of them are great, which is why this review comes in handy.
Regardless of which table pool you chose from this review, you won’t be disappointed. What you only need to do is to pick one that suits your preference. Of course, a unit that is durable, reliable and with improved accuracy.

Brunswick offers the best pool tables for sale. If you need good quality, durable and very affordable pool tables, then Brunswick offers you the best deals. Get your family game room a pool table from Brunswick and make those family get-togethers fun and memorable. Here are some of the best pool tables that Brunswick has to offer.

Brunswick 8-Foot Danbury Pool Table with Free Contender Play Package Accessories

The Brunswick 8-foot Danbury pool table is one of the most sought after billiard tables that Brunswick has to offer. The table comes in four colours namely, Green, Sahara, Regatta blue and Merlot. You will absolutely fall in love with this table because of its elegant chestnut finish. The pool table also has strong wooden rails that give it a firm build and good stability. The Brunswick Danbury pool table comes with contender play package accessories containing free set of billiard balls, 4 cues among other accessories.

The advantages of buying the Brunswick Danbury pool table are that you get free delivery and installation of the pool table. The delivery is fast and is made within 4-6 weeks of ordering the pool table. The table’s firm build make it stable and very durable.

The only disadvantage is that it needs to be set up by professionals. Once you order the table make sure that you get qualified professionals to install and set up your pool table for you. However, this should not be a problem because Brunswick professionals are always ready to install your pool table for you.

Brunswick 8-Foot Black Wolf Pool Table with Free Contender Play Package Accessories

The Brunswick black wolf pool table is a sleek and elegant pool table that has a beautiful and sophisticated design. The pool table is made of hard wood that is of high quality hence making it look quite sturdy and posh. This would be a great addition to your space because of its high aesthetic value. The Brunswick black wolf pool table has 4 metal corners with a rail that goes round its edges. The rest of its exterior is covered in black hence its name. The pool table comes with free contender play package and accessories.

The main advantages of purchasing the Brunswick black wolf pool table are that it is very affordable and the price is inclusive of free shipping as well as professional installation. The pool table also boasts of its elegant design that will guarantee you its durability. The contender wool cloth also provides you with a smooth playing surface that will make you enjoy your game.

The only disadvantage of the pool table is that you need to have it properly installed to avoid it losing its stability. Brunswick offers you professional installation services. The pool table is a beauty that is simply a must-have.

The Brunswick 8-Foot Glen Oaks Pool Table with Free Contender Play Package accessories

The Brunswick Glen Oaks pool table is an amazing pool table that has great finishes. It has carefully carved corners and sturdy wooden legs made from high quality hardwood. The pool table is firmly built and is assembled using highly sophisticated bolting techniques making it very firm and stable. The pool table also comes with free contender play accessories that include a set of pool table balls, 2piece cues among other accessories.

The pool table comes with free shipping and installation. The delivery of the Brunswick Glen Oaks table is also quite fast; it only takes just about 4-6 weeks to be delivered. This pool table also boasts of its elegant design that is also very classic and beautiful. This will add glamour to your gaming space no doubt. The Brunswick Glen Oaks pool table is made from high quality hard wood material hence makes it very strong and long lasting.

The only disadvantage of the Brunswick Glen Oaks pool table is that it may not be available for shipping to some specified regions. You need to make inquiries on whether it can be delivered to your desired destination before making your purchase.

Brunswick Pocket Pool Table

The Brunswick Pocket pool table has a great contemporary style and aluminium finishes. The pool table has speed cushions with spacious pockets. It also comes with foot stabilisers to make it more firm and stable. The cloth is normally bought separately from the whole pool table.

The main advantage of the Brunswick pool table it the sturdy build it has that make it firm and very stable. It also has very beautiful contemporary styles that make it very pleasing to the eye. This will definitely be a beautiful addition to your space.

The core disadvantage of the Brunswick Pocket pool table is the fact that it may have additional shipping charges due to the special delivery that it requires. This may require you to dig deeper into your pockets. The Pocket pool table is one great model from the family of Brunswick pool table brands and it is therefore worth every penny.
The other disadvantage is that the Brunswick Pocket Pool Table might not be available for international shipping. This means that you need to contact the manufacturer and confirm whether the Brunswick Pocket Pool table is available for shipping to your required destination.


In a nutshell, Brunswick pool tables are the best when it comes to assured quality and suitability for purpose. The pool billiards are built with high quality material hence making them very durable and long-lasting. The pool tables are delivered for free and installed by certified professionals. This will save you the headache of having to assemble the pool table on your own. Most Brunswick pool tables also come with free contender pack accessories that include a standard set of pool table balls, 4 pieces of 58inch contender 2-piece cues as well as a 2-pice bridge stick and other accessories. Brunswick pool tables are built using sophisticated and classy designs that will be a great centrepiece to have in yoir gaming room or any other preferred space. Get your preferred Brunswick pool table now and enjoy playing pool on a whole new level of gaming experience.

Should You Buy Outdoor Pool Tables?

Although there are many reasons to get outdoor pool tables instead of indoor ones but the biggest reason is the amount of space it saves. I remember we use to live in a small house so space was really tight. So when i bought a pool table it was 7 feet long when i installed it, It literally took over the whole space and only few space was left to make decent shots, Our cue bar use to hit the walls while aiming at the ball, At that moment we feel that we need to change either our house or this pool table. Then i notice that we have large space in our garden area so outdoor unit was the best solution. My wife suggest to get folding ones but those were just 6 feet long so that doesn’t offer a challenging game. It was easy to pot in those. Along with small playing area you need to install those folding ones every time you need to play so overtime you don’t want to play just because you need to setup it again. The durability of this tables are a big concern too. It has sacrificed its durability for the price of being fordable.

                                                                                   Our outdoor pool table

How Outdoor Pool Tables Are Different?

Pool tables comes in various shapes and sizes but the two main classes are indoor and outdoor units. Some people might don’t know about outdoor pool table, but its real. It not just a pool table that is kept outside but its completely different and the material used in such tables are different.

The problem with indoor units is that when you keep it outside it will soon get damaged because its not meant to be kept outside. Spotting a outdoor unit is not tricky if you know these points

1# Metal Frames : Metal frames are commonly used in outdoor pool tables because of it durability, While wooden ones may look classic and better but it can easily damaged when kept outside. You can also opt for stainless steel ones if need more better looks. Steel gives pool tables more shiny effect. Other then steel aluminum is widely use since its more cheaper infact if you are going with metal frame you will more likely end up with aluminium ones.

2# Add ons : Outdoor units mostly comes with more add ons accessories but you need to check the retailers or on amazon about how many accessories they are providing mostly you will get protection cover and maintenance add ons. Protection cover is important since on outside it easily gets dirty although its easier to remove it with just few wipes with cloths.

3# Felt : The felt used in indoor ones are quite smooth but they are not durable so same cannot be used on outdoor ones so the surface is bit rough in these tables which makes balls slower, So you need to push force in making shots but overall the game will be interesting in any tables it doesn’t matter weather its outdoor or indoor models.

Buying Options

There are several buying options available on amazon just check out these.

  • Playcraft Extera Outdoor Billiard Table : A complete aluminium body with weatherproof so it can sustain weather damage. Its durable with aluminium body you can aspect long lasting performance. The only cons about the table is that you have to slight more power due to felt but its same with any other outdoor units too.
  • Imperial Outdoor Pool Table 8ft : The 8ft size will make your game challenging and fun. It is semi assembled so you just need to bolt them up so it going to save a lot of your assembling time. The pool table looks good so it will make your outdoor look even better. It has K66 cushion rubber on the edges so you will get good rebounce while taking shots.

Maintaining Pool Table

You can make your pool table last longer if you spend some time in its maintenance although outdoor units don’t require much maintenance then indoor ones so its a great plus but still you can check on these things

Protection Cover : Your pool table is water resistance but don’t put it on a test, Most of the time you will get water resistant protection covers along with the tables for free so its not harm to use it. During rainy season air contains humidity which might not affect your pool table directly but can damage those parts which are not water resistant.Its good to create habit of covering your pool table after game is over.  Do check what accessories are available with your table if they are providing cover with it then you are good to go if not then you can always buy it separately.

Safe Play : Outdoor tables are durable but they are not rock, Avoid putting heavy stuffs on the table. Its good to keep pool tables as a playing stuff. I have seen some people use it as a normal table like putting heavy stuffs over it when you keep putting heavy items on these table it exert pressure on the surface which in the long run can affect leveling of the board which results in dent in those places, So whenever  ball hit those particular area it makes it slow.

Cleaning : Cleaning can prevent dirt and dust to stick on the surface which may create uncertain movement of the balls. You don’t want your shot to be missed just because some small pile of dirt changed the direction. There are specially designed brush available such as Iszy Billiards 9 Inch Nylon Pool Table and Rail Brush you should make use of it. With just gentle wiping can keep surface smoother.

Clean Balls : Just like surface you have clean the ball too the more smoother they are the more better games will be and also shining pool table balls make your table look good.


Overall outdoor pool tables are perfect blend of style and durability so its can be beneficial to get one. It not only a good entertains you but makes your house look good too.

Buying an inexpensive billiards pool-table can be reasonable and easy now because of different online sellers. A right pool-table can improve any social-space by giving a place for people to come together, play games, and communicate. Also, it can catalyze the communications or just work as a decorative item to add ambiance to a space.

Whatever the reason maybe for having a pool-table, you can buy one without leaving your phone or computer.  Best pool tables under 1000$ are accessible online that can suit all types of various forte based on your individual requirement. Look into these different low-priced pool-tables and find out which one is good for you.

#1 Fat Cat 7 ft. Tucson Billiard Table

This pool table is for anybody who desires a full-size and stylish table but also worth contemporary design. In place of the engraved wood, this pool table has a lustrous, design with black and neon blue shade that feels enthused by cloisters. The expediency presented by this piece is the ball goes back to the end; hence you need not to walk around in search of the ball in ever pocket. Place it in your room to give everyone a perfect place to play the game and set a avowal regarding your atmosphere and style.


The pros of the table are –

  • It gives wonderful gaming experience. Its features, design, and dimensions work hard to provide you super exciting games.
  • This pool table will provide great stability means it will be steady on any surface.
  • Its ball retrieval system decreases the time among every shots.
  • This pool table has strong and sturdy construction. Plus it is highly defiant to break and impact.
  • You will surely love the design of this table which looks stunning in your house.


The cons of this pool table are:

  • Rather hard assembly – this is because of the heaviness of the table mainly (its weight is 214 pounds), however your effort will induce.
  • It needs some leveling – well, you’ll need to put some of your effort and time for leveling this table so that the playing facade is not at a position.

#2 Fat Cat 7 ft. Frisco Billiard Table

This is the pool table we advise the most to each and every pool table lover who wish to have a wonderful playing surface for less than 1000 USD. The field being Accuslate, this pool table looks same as a true slate-table. Hence, at first sight it looks similar to a table that costs two doubles as much as its original cost. Its stylish appearance is further improved by the charisma of veneer mahogany legs and brown wood cloth. This pool table is available with a triangle, a brush, 2 chalk pieces, 1 set of balls, and 2.57-inch cues. The installation process is rather simple, mostly because of the clear instructions. On the whole, this pool table provides extremely even playing sessions, plus it is full value of your money. On top, it is obviously more famous compared to most of its counterparts.


  • This good quality pool table includes 6 inches strong wood rails
  • This pool table has fringe drop pockets
  • The Accuslate playing field is enclosed by warranty period of minimum 7 years

#3 Harvil Beachcomber Pool Table 84 Inches

This pool table hosts a friendly and cool billiards game with Harvils Beachcomber pool-table. This striking pool table has a laid-back and fresh vibe that will have your visitors feeling the exact same way. This pool table is made of the solid fiber wood substance and refined with a wood morsel finish, providing it simple and clean lines that are calm on the eyes. The panels and legs are also built of strong wood, making the whole pool table steady on any interior field. Additionally, graceful metal chrome rail angles add more to the appeal of this tables.


  • Impressively designed with a fresh propose
  • Finished with clear assembly guide and free accessories
  • This table has practical and useful features
  • It is engineered and designed by Harvil
  • Dazadi money back warranty and guarantee

#4 Carmelli NG2520PB Hustler 8′ Pool-Table

This pool table is not just cheap particle board, and it gives unique quality and superior style. The Hustler range of pool tables provides the type of durability, quality, and style you anticipate from Carmelli™ games. This pool table is much higher-quality as compared to the beginner level pool table and is considered as one of the Best pool tables under 1000$. This pool table is designed for potency; it’s strong structure make sure solid performance and true billiard fun. The ¾” CARB licensed MDF playing field and game tested K-66-gum rubber cushions gives a real ball roll and great accuracy. It is enclosed with elegant blue finish. The black cupboard is maintained by strong pedestal-style legs for even ball rolling movement. The primary ball revisit system makes re-racking a waft. The Hustler pool table is accessible in 8 or 7 foot models.


  • Stiff pedestal style legs together with metal 6″ alleviating leg levelers
  • Internal ball revisit system
  • Metal drawl cabinet trim


#5 Barrington 84 in. Billiard-Table

This Barrington 84″ Billiard Pool Table is only the thing to perk up your family’s game room or basement. Real K-818 design bumper guards provide a constant ball bounce whereas the tricot polyester felt peak enables a flat ball roll. 3/4″ unbreakable play field for improved level playfield and durability. It’s apt both for experienced and armature players. This pool table is very simple to install and has leg levelers for making sure that you can achieve and keep an even playing field.


  • Full sized leg levelers enable you to achieve as well as upkeep an even playing field.
  • Complete panel leg supports, unbreakable playfield apron, plus top rail for extra longevity and stability
  • Scratch-resistant finish and premium UV-paint provides the pool table a furniture style appearance and finish.
  • Polyester velvet-felt for steady and even ball roll.
  • K-818 specification cushion guards give precise play and ball bounce

There are only a few pool-tables that come in a reasonable price range of $2,000. In the past, foreign manufacturing started to degrade the price of beginner’s slate pool tables.  However, in the early 2001, your available choice under the price $2,000 was a horrible laminate box that contain plastic pockets and 3/4″ slate. These “basement inhabitants” were a monstrosity however they did really well and still prowl in numerous Man Caves. Several things have changed with the arrival of less costly manufacturing methods and import pool tables. It would be quite hard for you to find the best tables under the budget $2,000 because many options that are accessible on the web are “off brand” and accessible from shady drop shippers operating website only outlets. But, if you better know where to seek, there are a few excellent deals to be grabbed for under $2,000. Below is the list of some Best Pool Tables that are available under $2,000.

1# Fat Cat 7.5 ft. Frisco Billiard Table

The reasonable and sleek design of all frisco pool-tables will assist to bring pool in your contemporary house. its 3-Piece 3/4″ slate system is polished to 1/1000th of one inch, for a clean and crisp roll whenever you play. And there are nearly 24 billiard-cloths to choose from, and you will be capable to tailor the Frisco pool-table as per your choice.


  • It comes with 7-Year Warranty
  • Its 89 1/2 height, 50 1/2 width x 32 height
  • It has 6″-Wide stand legs with 6″ modifiable base for leveling
  • It has K66 profile rubber pads
  • Big rounded corner posts
  • Apron foot edge molding element
  • It has leveling pads which help you play in an uneven ground
  • It comes with ball return and drop pocket models
  • 3/4″ and 3-Piece slate bed, supports all the corners


2# Hathaway-Hustler 8ft. Pool-Table

Well, this model is larger as compared to normal bar pool-tables however its quality makes it the best choice for several years for family amusement. It is a very strong table and the same is supported with a simple-folding feet system as well as leg levelers. This table is available with a huge range of accessories.


  • It is easily transportable
  • It can be assembled very easily
  • It’s comes at quite a reasonable pricing
  • It comes with stabilize leg-levelers
  • It is accessible with many accessories for example, chalks, brush, rack, cues, and standard-sized balls
  • It is durable and strong
  • It looks so stylish


  • It has lightweight and short cues
  • Felt is soft but not resilient
  • It is quite heavy

3# Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table

This pool table will surely please anybody who is willing to buy a new pool-table, however it is just short in required space. This model is best for people who have limited space but also wish to board and enjoy billiards. It’s Leg levelers enable you to control the size of every available space for a completely even playing surface part even when the floor is not, whereas a dual enclosed MDF play-bed gives a durable move and ignores bending.


  • It is Lightweight as compared to other models of pool tables.
  • It has smaller style
  • It looks awesome
  • This table is easy to assemble
  • It comes with several accessories


  • The wood may aggravate sooner or later.
  • MDF bed distorts in humid environments
  • Cue stick comes in the parcel is extremely light


4# HLC 8ft Foldaway Pool-Table

This is a two-way pool-table which can be used for playing snooker as well. This model provides you with all the facilities that you are seeking in a pool table and provides you snooker-table and pool-table in one. This comes inclusive with both snooker accessories as well as pool accessories. What more could you demand?



  • You will get Snooker and pool table in one
  • It is available with whole accessories that are required to play
  • It is easy to install, therefore you could play nearly right away as soon as you got your product


  • Some faults in delivery has been seen numerous times
  • It is prone to dent and its bottom is not as strong as you would anticipate

5# HLC 55″ Folding Space Saver Pool

If you are a person who would like to play a peaceful game that would make the contest alive, then you would find HLC 55″ Folding-Space pool-table to be the best choice. Pool-games can be quite pampering and can be the best medium of entertainment when you are expecting some guests at your house and you would want to keep them engaged. As being the spirited game, it is not actually demanding, thus making sure that you don’t have any trouble while enjoying the game after coming back from office. If you have recently started playing the billiards game, you need to know that the regular pool tables would cost you too much. So, it would be better to begin with a small pool-table and enjoy the game. If you are seeking something that can also be used by your kids and that can also be employed to learn the game, then you should certainly consider the HLC 55″ Folding-Space pool-table.


  • This easy to fold pool-table is available with pre-assembled, thus you don’t need to get a person to assemble it.
  • Because this table is light-weight, shifting it around and managing it is very easy.
  • The supreme quality of your table makes sure that you have a soft playing surface
  • You wouldn’t need to be afraid of the balls getting trapped in the pouch. The balls are made of with high quality material and that’s why can be rolled around the table easily.


Well, this table is not actually designed for people who better know how to play billiards. It’s not very tough. It is specially made for adults and children who are new to this game and want to learn the game.

If you are planning to make purchase of a pool-table, you should consider some most important things first. Consider the size of your game room and determine whether you want the slate bed edition or wooden tables.

Also, you should find out the size of the table and types of pool cues to choose from. The pool game has many variants and a tool you may require mainly depends on which of these variants you would like to play.

Here we are going to share 10 things to look before you purchase pool table –

Pool-tables can be created of MDF or solid wood and neither is actually good than the other. Purchasers should make sure that their preferred table has one core beam plus 2 cross-beams to share out the weight of table uniformly and give support.

There are two styles of pool tables to choose from, commercial style and furniture style. The former one which usually found in corporate events, tournaments, and pool halls are typically made for sober players plus they are usually less pricey than good-quality furniture-style tables in the second-hand market because of their shortage of cosmetic-appeal.

On the other hand, furniture-style are generally made for the domestic use and have a more aesthetic design, therefore leading them to be more costly as compared to the equivalent commercial-style pool-table.

It is very important to decide the size of your room for which you want a new pool table through adding 10ft to every table measurement. A six feet table requires 16×13 feet to have room for table as well as cues. A table which is 7ft long may require 17×13 and ½ feet.

The pool table should preferably have 3-piece slate and purchasers should know that slates are available in various sizes.

The inexpensive pool-tables like fixed-leg wooden tables and folding-pool tables are built from MDF which is typically fine wood grime compacted with a resin for producing very durable sheets, perfect for a pool-table exterior.

Sadly, as the tables are constructed of wood they are apt to distorting. They are accessible in different sizes upto 7ft. and a few of them are extremely great definitely plus are definitely not affordable, such as black-cat table made from BCE which contain an 18-mm MDF pool-table bed which is less susceptible to distorting.

Well, it’s a good idea to think about buying an open-air pool-table for your porch if you don’t have space in your home. Open-air pool tables are accessible in fiberglass and wood. An Open-air wooden pool tale is fabricated of the same conserved wood and also it has a teflon coated cloth and slate playing surface.

it is very important to ensure that you have the right size of shelf for all your pool table balls. A shelf for 2-inch balls is a dissimilar as compared to the shelf of 2 ¼ balls. Other kind of pool table game more usually played on American billboards is 9-ball pool. This game is really played with total nine balls that are numbered from one to nine. You will require a particular diamond shaped shelf for all your nine balls.

The pool table balls are available in various shades. 8 table pool ball, which is played along with 15 table pool balls can contain 7 yellows and 7 red as well as a black no eight ball or the stripes and spots edition that contain seven solid colored balls and 7 striped pool balls and a black no eight ball. It is vital for you to get such set of balls.

Well, every maker of the pool table gives a range of wood alternative, finish, and stain. Clearly, there are many different combinations of the product however you can never be mistaken with oak design or solid mahogany.

These are not the exclusively suggested woods however they are extremely famous plus they are rather solid woods which stops scratches and gouges. Just remember that dark finishes, for example Conventional Mahogany, get scratches much more effortlessly compared to the lighter finishes such as Honey and Oak.

Formica finish is certainly the most resilient finish, which is typically originated on commercial-style tables. With the contemporary tools, formica finishes can provide you a stunning wood grain appearance with the resilience of a typical kitchen counter, which is nearly impossible to scratch or dent.

The last but certainly not the least point is the budget. It is very important for you to make your budget first before exploring the market to find the most suitable pool table. Budget will play a vital role is determining which pool table you should buy. Therefore, you should have a clear idea of your budget when roaming around the market.

Pros of Having a Pool-Table

Have you ever tried playing on your favorite pool-table, the exactly same you have seen in your preferred hangout pub. Or have you ever joined your friends to play the game of billiard. Well, billiard is actually tabletop games which is played by using the pool sticks for hitting the solid balls and make them fall under one of the 6 holes of the billiard table. Here we are going to mention some of the major benefits of owing a pool-table.

1#You can hone your billiard skills very easily

This is quite thrilling to have your own pool table at home that you can play anytime you want. If you wanna get some leisure time form you hectic and busy schedule then you can simply spend your time playing billiard at your home.

You can play all alone and create your own exclusive tricks while playing the billiard without having your acquaintances laugh at you and polish your own playing style that might really take you to hit the ball to the given holes more precisely.

2# Great discussion starter

At what time you have your new friends at your place and then you come to know that you have nothing to talk about then you can play billiard with them. Playing billiard with your friends will not just reduces tediousness however it also persuades people to someway to be friendly to the other players.

3# It provides various health benefits

Since, playing billiard is a wonderful game to spend time at home but do you know that this game provides loads of health related benefits to the players? Actually, it is true.

This amazing game really helps to build concentration. The billiard game needs a huge amount of focus, which aids you to boost your concentration and could also perk up your concentration in several other things such as accomplishing your dreams.

As well as, this game forces you to do amazing amounts of useful walking and without observing you’re really burning your aft when you play the game.

4# Reinforces family bonding

Playing billiards give you social stimulus as well as it aids people to talk about one another regarding their life.

Parents would know about their kids when they spend time to play billiard and would reduce the disagreements and fights in the family.

Pool-table have many interesting things to provide and they also bring people close and aids you to maintain your good health. It perks up your skills and mentality

5# Boost the property value

A properly designed game room could actually add worth to your house, because these rooms are getting increasingly famous. People usually like nothing over a space wherein they can unwind and enjoy themselves, overlooking about everyday troubles, and this is the thing you will be providing them with a good and comfortable billiards room.

6# Want to become the host and the entertainer

If you want to have friends nearby you, after that the billiard space will be an incredible addition to your house. hosting the dinner parties won’t be the same thing yet again, and you all can get retired to the billiards space for some games, a few drinks, and to hear some calm music.

You can seriously enjoy some interesting pre-dinner games – and though you are not calling your friends at your place for dinner, they’ll be happy to come around just for a table pool game and some chilled beers.


When you are planning to make purchase of your new pool table, it is vital to think vigilantly regarding all the above mentioned aspects prior to make a decision. The pool table should be the correct size for the gamers and also for the accessible space at your house, and also should fall in the purchaser’s accessible budget.

Since, there are a number of unusual pool tables to pick from online or offline, it hasn’t been simpler to look for the good deal on your favorite pool table and other sports apparatus in the market. There is a huge variety of pool tables to match all the requirements, from seven feet or eight feet tables to full-size nine feet pool tables.

Hence, despite of what size is preferred, there is a lot of above mentioned things to keep all pool table devotees happy.