Best Bumper Pool Tables You Can Buy Right Now

Every one of us likes to play games and relax once in a while. There are many games that you can play regularly at your home. You can purchase these games very conveniently and play whenever you want. One of the things that you can purchase for playing is a bumper pool table. It is one of the most demanded game tables in the US right now. So what is a Bumper table? It is a table which is either octagonal or rectangular and is fixed with bumpers which are cushioned obstacles. The surface of a bumper table is the same as that of a billiards table. But unlike the billiards table, there are only two holes in this table. All of the bumpers are fixed with almost 12 bumpers, but there are some bigger tables as well which come with 14 to 16 bumpers. The game is played with 10 balls in total in which 5 balls are red and 5 balls are white. 

So if you are thinking about purchasing a bumper table for yourself, then here are a few of the best tables that you can go for: 

Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table

If you are looking for a table which will give you a classic feel playing the game, atomic classic bumper pool table is the one that you want. The square legs of the table are thick to maintain good balance on the ground. Let’s looks at some of the pros and cons of the table. 

Pros – 

The table is equipped with an internal ball return system. 
The MDF playfield restricts warping. 
The dimensions of the table are 57.5L x 41.5W x 32H. 
You will get an equipment package which will include a set of 10 balls, two 48 inch cues, brush and chalk. 

Cons – 

If you don’t have enough space in your home, your purchase will go to waste. You won’t be able to place it. 

This is arguably one of the best bumper pool tables in the market. It is heavily demanded and its sales have been increasing only with time. The size of the table is considerate enough to be fit in your house. It does not come assembled out of the package. When you purchase it, a man will drop it off at your home and also assemble it for you in any place inside of your home. The dimensions of the great American bumper pool table are – 41.5 x 57.5 inches. Its weight is 350 LBS which is approximately 159 Kgs, so it is heavy. But the playing surface dimensions are a little shorter – 28.75 x 44.75 inches. 

Great American Bumper Pool Table 

Pros –

The quality of the plywood is superior. It is crafted with a very fine one-piece slate. 
The pool table is not big and can fit into almost any part of your home. But it is also not too short so that you can’t have fun. 
Dual steel slate which is fitted inside the surface of the table allows you to experience a flat reliable playing surface. 
It comes with an accessory package which includes 2 cue sticks of 48 inches, chalk, balls and brush. 

Cons – 

For people who don’t have free space and have packed homes can’t set this table. 

Slate Bumper Pool Table in Black

This is a stylish bumper pool table. The outstanding thing about this pool table is its design. Even though it is not the most exemplary or fancy designing, it still has a beauty in its simplicity. It looks much like a smaller version of the billiards table. It is designed by a company which primarily designs billiards tables. So you can expect great quality from the product. The size is pretty small so it can fit easily in your home even if you have a little free space. The slate bed is 3/4” in size. There are rails fitted into the table and the surface is covered with a standard green pool table cloth. 

Pros – 

Materials used are of high quality. 
The playing dimensions are 30L x 45 W
Playing equipment which is included are two 48” cues with a set of 10 balls, chalk and brush as well. 
The table will be assembled for you without any extra cost. 

Cons – 

If the table cloth is damaged, the cost to replace it is too high. 

Playcraft Hartford Slack Black Bumper Pool Table

It is not very different from the slate bumper pool table in black. This table is a little cheaper though than the other tables and is made of really good quality materials. It has a stylish and sturdy body which is perfect for even people who like playing a little roughly. If you are someone who wants to save a little money and get a very strong quality product against it, you can opt for this bumper pool table. 

Pros – 

The table comes with solid MDF construction. 
The ball return system is carpeted. 
It comes with a package of playing equipment which includes two 48” cues, brush, chalk and a set of 10 balls. 

Cons – 

There are no such cons of this table except if you don’t have enough room in your home, the table won’t fit. 

Hathway Renegade 54-inch Slate Bumper Pool Table

It is considered as the perfect table for the use of families. You can add this to your home’s den or gaming room or even in the drawing-room. It has a very compact size and can fit into almost any part of your home. The quality of the table’s build is awesome. It is perfect for the kids in your house and even adults who want to relax. 

Pros –

Loaded with premium features. The balls which come with the table are tournament ready. 
K-66 gum rubber bumpers ensure that the bounce back is long-lasting. 
It is very easy to assemble on your own. 
The money-back-guarantee that comes with the product is certainly a bonus. 

Cons – 

If you don’t have room in your house, you can’t fit this table and play. 

54” Combination 3-in-1 Game/Dining Table in Chestnut Finish

The unique feature of this product is that it could be turned into a dining table when you want to have dinner. And when you feel like playing, you can convert it to a bumper table. It is a little expensive but then has its perks. 

Pros – 

The table could be used for different purposes. 
It can also be purchased with 4 rocker chairs. 
The table comes with adjustable long levers. 

Cons – 

Since the table is not lever based, there is no guarantee that it will be level. 

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