6 Best Pool Tables You Can Buy Under 1000$ in 2018

Buying an inexpensive billiards pool-table can be reasonable and easy now because of different online sellers. A right pool-table can improve any social-space by giving a place for people to come together, play games, and communicate. Also, it can catalyze the communications or just work as a decorative item to add ambiance to a space.

Whatever the reason maybe for having a pool-table, you can buy one without leaving your phone or computer.  Best pool tables under 1000$ are accessible online that can suit all types of various forte based on your individual requirement. Look into these different low-priced pool-tables and find out which one is good for you.

#1 Fat Cat 7 ft. Frisco Billiard Table

This is the pool table we advise the most to each and every pool table lover who wish to have a wonderful playing surface for less than 1000 USD. The field being Accuslate, this pool table looks same as a true slate-table. Hence, at first sight it looks similar to a table that costs two doubles as much as its original cost. Its stylish appearance is further improved by the charisma of veneer mahogany legs and brown wood cloth. This pool table is available with a triangle, a brush, 2 chalk pieces, 1 set of balls, and 2.57-inch cues. The installation process is rather simple, mostly because of the clear instructions. On the whole, this pool table provides extremely even playing sessions, plus it is full value of your money. On top, it is obviously more famous compared to most of its counterparts.


  • This good quality pool table includes 6 inches strong wood rails
  • This pool table has fringe drop pockets
  • The Accuslate playing field is enclosed by warranty period of minimum 7 years

#2 Harvil Beachcomber Pool Table 84 Inches

This pool table hosts a friendly and cool billiards game with Harvils Beachcomber pool-table. This striking pool table has a laid-back and fresh vibe that will have your visitors feeling the exact same way. This pool table is made of the solid fiber wood substance and refined with a wood morsel finish, providing it simple and clean lines that are calm on the eyes. The panels and legs are also built of strong wood, making the whole pool table steady on any interior field. Additionally, graceful metal chrome rail angles add more to the appeal of this tables.


  • Impressively designed with a fresh propose
  • Finished with clear assembly guide and free accessories
  • This table has practical and useful features
  • It is engineered and designed by Harvil
  • Dazadi money back warranty and guarantee

#3 Fat Cat Pockey 3 in 1 Pool Table

Fat cat pockey black 3-in-1 table is a multi-game table that enables you to save on recreation room space by having a combination of 3 games: table tennis, hockey and billiards.
About The Pool Table
Weighs about 268 pounds and measures approximately 203.2cm by 111.8cm by 81.3cm.
It is made from amalgamated wood. It has a convertible top with billiards and air hockey side.
Air hockey side: measures 188cm by 86.4cm. Its color lines and surface resemble the genuine hockey field. An air flow of 80m3 is produced from a motor of 110V. It contains manual scoring as well.
Billiards: its playfield has dimensions of about 175cm by 86.4cm. it contains Tetoron cloth, wood core, drop pockets and rubber bumpers. When playing pool, you should provide enough space for playing.
The main table top contains a fastening system that involve a power cord channel which is placed through the axle at the table end. The table tennis top is portable and is installed over the main table top for purposes of playing table tennis. Its dimensions are 213.4cm by 106.7cm.
Accessories you get with it:

  • 2 table tennis racket, 2 balls and a net
  • 4 pucks and 4 pushes for air hockey
  • 5.7cm billiard balls set
  • 2 cue sticks 144.8cm each
  • 2 chalk pieces
  • A brush for billiard’s cloth
  • A post set Proficiency

This game table enables you to have a lot of fun. The pucks move at a convenient speed when playing ice hockey. Making accurate hits is absolutely easy. The fact that pucks are of different sizes makes the game a lot more enjoyable.
When playing pool, the balls roll smoothly without any hinderance because of its standard cloth. They spring back at a high speed making the game pleasurable.
For serious players, cue sticks are adequately big and heavy and this favors them. Sites for utmost accuracy are present.
It is most amicable for all those who like playing table tennis, pool and air hockey. It is also suitable for families with kids and can be played with friends.

  • Its lifespan is high and can therefore be used for a very long time.
  • The fact that it has 3 games eliminates boredom.
  • The pool can function efficiently for a very long time and therefore reliable.
  • It is fully equipped with everything needed to play the 3 games.
  • It offers safety during adjustment as it safe to turn over.It contains levelers


  • The billiard balls have no return system and may cause inconveniences to the plastic pockets.
  • It is a bit heavy and may pose challenges during installation and set-up.

#4 Carmelli NG2520PB Hustler 8′ Pool-Table

This pool table is not just cheap particle board, and it gives unique quality and superior style. The Hustler range of pool tables provides the type of durability, quality, and style you anticipate from Carmelli™ games. This pool table is much higher-quality as compared to the beginner level pool table and is considered as one of the Best pool tables under 1000$. This pool table is designed for potency; it’s strong structure make sure solid performance and true billiard fun. The ¾” CARB licensed MDF playing field and game tested K-66-gum rubber cushions gives a real ball roll and great accuracy. It is enclosed with elegant blue finish. The black cupboard is maintained by strong pedestal-style legs for even ball rolling movement. The primary ball revisit system makes re-racking a waft. The Hustler pool table is accessible in 8 or 7 foot models.


  • Stiff pedestal style legs together with metal 6″ alleviating leg levelers
  • Internal ball revisit system
  • Metal drawl cabinet trim


#5 Barrington 84 in. Billiard-Table

This Barrington 84″ Billiard Pool Table is only the thing to perk up your family’s game room or basement. Real K-818 design bumper guards provide a constant ball bounce whereas the tricot polyester felt peak enables a flat ball roll. 3/4″ unbreakable play field for improved level playfield and durability. It’s apt both for experienced and armature players. This pool table is very simple to install and has leg levelers for making sure that you can achieve and keep an even playing field.


  • Full sized leg levelers enable you to achieve as well as upkeep an even playing field.
  • Complete panel leg supports, unbreakable playfield apron, plus top rail for extra longevity and stability
  • Scratch-resistant finish and premium UV-paint provides the pool table a furniture style appearance and finish.
  • Polyester velvet-felt for steady and even ball roll.
  • K-818 specification cushion guards give precise play and ball bounce

#6 Fat Cat 7 ft. Tucson Billiard Table

This pool table is for anybody who desires a full-size and stylish table but also worth contemporary design. In place of the engraved wood, this pool table has a lustrous, design with black and neon blue shade that feels enthused by cloisters. The expediency presented by this piece is the ball goes back to the end; hence you need not to walk around in search of the ball in ever pocket. Place it in your room to give everyone a perfect place to play the game and set a avowal regarding your atmosphere and style.


The pros of the table are –

  • It gives wonderful gaming experience. Its features, design, and dimensions work hard to provide you super exciting games.
  • This pool table will provide great stability means it will be steady on any surface.
  • Its ball retrieval system decreases the time among every shots.
  • This pool table has strong and sturdy construction. Plus it is highly defiant to break and impact.
  • You will surely love the design of this table which looks stunning in your house.


The cons of this pool table are:

  • Rather hard assembly – this is because of the heaviness of the table mainly (its weight is 214 pounds), however your effort will induce.
  • It needs some leveling – well, you’ll need to put some of your effort and time for leveling this table so that the playing facade is not at a position.

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