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Every one of us likes to play games and relax once in a while. There are many games that you can play regularly at your home. You can purchase these games very conveniently and play whenever you want. One of the things that you can purchase for playing is a bumper pool table.

But should you even get one?

Well, it boils down to what you are expecting with it. A well maintained slate bumper pool table can last more than 20 years. So the thing you are purchasing is going to hang out with you for several years from now giving you and your family a continuous fun time.

But why not a regular pool table?

The biggest drawback with a regular pool table is the size issue; bumper tables take less space so you can have more room for your other goodies. Apart from that you can have a slate bumper pool table at the price of a regular pool table. The reason why you should consider the slate option is that it’s durability: the slate bed thickness can be in the range between 10mm to 40mm but that can make it bulky though.

Apart from slate one, you have cheaper options such as MDF(Wood laminate) ones. If you really have a budget issue then only you can opt for these tables. The problem with MDF is that it has durability issues. You need to be extra cautious with this one if you won’t maintain it properly. It will lead to bending issues. It’s common to see minor U bend on the surface if you leave some heavy object on the surface or spill your coffee over it. That’s why in professional tournaments you will never see MDF tables.

If you are thinking of purchasing one I have listed the both slate and MDF bumper options; these are the best one right now.

PicturesModel NameCheck Price & Availability
Slate Bumper Pool Table in Black
Hathaway Renegade 54-in Slate Bumper Pool Table for Family Game Rooms with Green Felt, 48-in Cues, Balls, Brush and Chalk
Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table
Great American Bumper Pool Table
54" 3-in-1 Combination Game & Dining Table Set with 4 Rocker-Swivel Chairs (Chestnut Finish)

Bumper Pool Table Reviews

#1 Slate Bumper Pool Table in Black

This is a stylish bumper pool table. The outstanding thing about this pool table is its design. Even though it is not the most exemplary or fancy designing, it still has a beauty in its simplicity. It looks much like a smaller version of the billiards table. It is designed by a company which primarily designs billiards tables. So you can expect great quality from the product. The size is pretty small so it can fit easily in your home even if you have a little free space. The slate bed is 3/4” in size. There are rails fitted into the table and the surface is covered with a standard green pool table cloth. 

Pros – 

Materials used are of high quality. 
The playing dimensions are 30L x 45 W
Playing equipment which is included are two 48” cues with a set of 10 balls, chalk and brush as well. 
The table will be assembled for you without any extra cost. 

Cons – 

Can’t find much.

#2 Hathway Renegade 54-inch Slate Bumper Pool Table

It is considered as the perfect table for the use of families. You can add this to your home’s den or gaming room or even in the drawing-room. It has a very compact size and can fit into almost any part of your home. The quality of the table’s build is awesome. It is perfect for the kids in your house and even adults who want to relax. 

Pros –

Loaded with premium features. The balls which come with the table are tournament ready. 
K-66 gum rubber bumpers ensure that the bounce back is long-lasting. 
It is very easy to assemble on your own. 
The 180 days manufacturer money-back-guarantee that comes with the product is certainly a bonus.

Cons – 

It’s heavy which is common issue in slate models so you need to have 4 people if you ever need to move.

Availability issue: This bumper table often gets “out of stock”.

This is arguably one of the best bumper pool tables in the market. It is heavily demanded and its sales have been increasing only with time. The size of the table is considerate enough to be fit in your house. It does not come assembled out of the package. When you purchase it, You have assemble it yourself the upper part comes assembled but you need to join the legs any regular screwdriver will do the trick. The dimensions of the great Hathaway bumper pool table are – 454 x 39 x 31.5 inches. Its weight is 243 pounds which is approximately 110 Kgs, so it is heavy.You will get playing surface dimensions of – 45″ x 30″ inches. 

#3 Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table

If you are looking for a table which will give you a classic feel playing the game, atomic classic bumper pool table is the one that you want. The square legs of the table are thick to maintain good balance on the ground. Let’s looks at some of the pros and cons of the table. 

Pros – 

The table is equipped with an internal ball return system. 
The MDF playfield restricts warping. 
The dimensions of the table are 57.5L x 41.5W x 32H. 
You will get an equipment package which will include a set of 10 balls, two 48 inch cues, brush and chalk. 

Cons – 

Bumpers are of cheaper quality and yes it’s a MDF model so you will expect it to be cheaper but a good bargain looking at the price point

#4 Great American Bumper Pool Table 

Pros –

The quality of the plywood is superior. It is crafted with a very fine one-piece slate. 
The pool table is not big and can fit into almost any part of your home. But it is also not too short so that you can’t have fun. 
Dual steel slate which is fitted inside the surface of the table allows you to experience a flat reliable playing surface. 
It comes with an accessory package which includes 2 cue sticks of 48 inches, chalk, balls and brush. 

Cons – 

Its heavy, i mean really heavy it has 477 lbs weight (216kg approx) so strongly decide where you want to keep as you won’t be shifting it from there unless you are a Hulk!

#5 Playcraft Hartford Slack Black Bumper Pool Table

It is not very different from the slate bumper pool table in black. This table is a little cheaper though than the other tables and is made of really good quality materials. It has a stylish and sturdy body which is perfect for even people who like playing a little roughly. If you are someone who wants to save a little money and get a very strong quality product against it, you can opt for this bumper pool table. 

Pros – 

The table comes with solid MDF construction. 
The ball return system is carpeted. 
It comes with a package of playing equipment which includes two 48” cues, brush, chalk and a set of 10 balls. 

Cons – 

Felt is thinner compared to the other tables on the market apart from that no other issues.

#6 54” Combination 3-in-1 Game/Dining Table in Chestnut Finish

The unique feature of this product is that it could be turned into a dining table when you want to have dinner. And when you feel like playing, you can convert it to a bumper table. It is a little expensive but then has its perks. 

Pros – 

The table could be used for different purposes. 
It can also be purchased with 4 rocker chairs. 
The table comes with adjustable long levers. 

Cons – 

At this price point i was expecting a slate surface. Only go for this one if you are going to use it as a dinning too.

How To Pick The Right One?

In order to select the appropriate table for you, you must know the differences between octagonal and rectangular tables. Here are a few to guide you.

  • Materials used
    The octagonal tables are usually made from oak, mahogany, or walnut and they have 3 in 1 feature. However, rectangular bumper pool tables may be made from slate or wood, and they don’t have this feature to be transformed into a dining table.
  • Size
    Octagonal tables are portable as compared to rectangular ones. They are the best for small rooms and places as they get adjusted in much more less cavity.
  • Number of bumpers
    The number of bumpers varies from table to table. Rectangular bumper pool tables usually have twelve bumpers, while the octagonal bumper pool table usually has 8 bumpers on eight corners of the octagon.
  • Adding more to game
    The rectangular shape leads to a more simple gaming experience, while the eight sides of the octagon ass something more to the difficulty level of the game. If you want a more interesting and complex level of the game, just go for an octagonal bumper pool table.
  • Carpet quality
    A carpet covers the playfield, and it should be of appropriate thickness, neither too thick, not too thin. Quality should be focused because it’s obvious that the use of durable material makes the table more beautiful as well as more interesting for the game.
  • Accessories
    Usually, a normal bumper tool table comes with a pack of balls, two cues, chalk and a set of levelers may be present for wooden tables. These accessories are given to understand and start the game.
  • Combination tables
    Combination tables are those tables that can play many more tasks rather than just be a bumper pool table. If you are willing to play many more games like ping pong, pushed hockey, etc., you should go for a combination table.

Our Opinion

From the above discussion, it has been inferred that the selection of the right bumper pool table totally depends upon your needs and preferences. If the space is large and you need a simple game, you should go for a rectangular one, while on the other hand, if you require much more accommodated in a small space, you should select the octagonal bumper pool table. Moreover, it’ll take your game to another level of difficulty, so if you are a difficulty seeker and you like to play your game more conveniently, you should go for an octagonal bumper pool table. It will not only solve the space issue but also give you a 3 in 1 feature to play poker as well and gives you the pleasure of a dining table as well. This table not only comes with four rocking dining chairs to give you the finest dining experience but also comes with all the accessories required for your game.

Bumper Pool Table Playing Rules And Tutorials

Bumper Pool is a billiard game that is played on a pool table that is normally rectangular or octagonal in shape. The table is accommodated with an arrangement of fixed hurdles, called bumpers, which define the name of the game. The surface of the table has an identical cloth covering like a regular pool table. In the past, large billiard pool tables were there, but now bumper pool tables have taken their place in the modern era. The bumper pool table is of two types, and it’s difficult to find out the right one. However, in this article, we will learn how to select the best one.

How to play bumper pool game?[Short Explanation]

Bumper pool game is a mixture of a pool game and a pinball game. It has a set of bumpers or hurdles on the table surface. Each hurdle or bumper is cushioned.

  • Number of balls : The number of balls depends upon the size of the table, ranging from a set of twelve for the smaller one to a set of sixteen balls for the largest one.
  • Set of balls: A regular set of balls contains 10 balls, including four white balls, one red ball with a white dot, four red balls, and a single white ball with a red dot. Five balls are placed at one end while the other five at the other end. Both sides contain one marked ball placed in the front of a packet of five balls.
  • No of people: The game is played by two teams that contain two or four competitors. The balls are hit by the competitors attempting for the specific colored cups. Certain rules are followed in these attempts.
  • Rules: If a player throws his ball in the intended cup of the same cup, he is given another turn. If a player loses his chance and throws his ball outside the table, then the opponent takes the chance. Now he can pick up the player’s two balls and put them in his cups.

Winner – The team which gets all their girls pocketed first wins the game finally.

Are you curious to know about playing the bumper pool table? When it comes to the billiards game, we love playing the pool table in any games room. However, the bumper pool table is a lot different from the usual one – in terms of the structure as well as the rules of the game. If you have tonnes of questions regarding it in mind, then scroll down to get your answers.

How long are bumper pool cues?
Bumper pool cues come in plenty of sizes. Depending on the size of the table, you can pick the size of the cue. The standard cue is 57 inches long, which is the longest of all. The other cue sizes are as follows:

  • 52 inches
  • 48 inches
  • 42 inches
  • 36 inches
  • 30 inches
  • 24 inches

Ideally, for the bumper pool table, you should pick anything between 48 inches to 36 inches for a cue. This is because the size of the table is usually smaller than a regular pool.

How do you play bumper pool table? [Detail Explanation]
Bumper pool is different from the regular pool table. You have 10 balls of only two colours – red and white. Both colours have 5 balls each. The table has got soft obstructions, which are called bumpers. This is why it is called the “bumper” pool. The size of the table is smaller than the regular pool table too.

Now, coming to the rules of the game, it is played between 2 players or 2 teams. One team gets the red balls and the other gets the white balls. Just how you see in football, your goal lies on the opposite side. With the help of your cue stick, you need to hit the ball towards your goal, passing through obstructions in the centre as well as close to the goal. This goal is called the pocket.
Let’s consider player 1 and player 2 on the bumper pool table. Here’s how the game will go:
First, you arrange both sets of balls on either side of the table beside the pocket.
You’ll have one marked red ball, and one marked white ball which will be placed in front of the pocket.
Now, the game begins with both the players striking simultaneously on the marked ball. There are 3 situations to this first strike:
Case 1: Both players sink their balls in their respective pockets.
Result: Both get to play simultaneously for the unmarked balls till a situation like case 2 or case 3 occurs.
Case 2: Player 1 sinks the ball in the pocket while player 2 doesn’t.
Result: Player 1 gets one more turn to sink his ball, else he loses the next turn to player 2.
Case 3: None of the players sink the ball, but player 1’s ball is closer to the pocket.
Result: Player 1 gets his turn to sink the marked ball, else player 2 gets his turn.At any time of the game, the following situations may also arise:
Case 4: Player 1 by sinks an unmarked ball before the marked one.
Result: Player 2 gets to remove any 2 of his balls from the table and sink it in the pocket.
Case 5: Player 1 drops the ball outside the table.
Result: Player 2 picks it up and places it anywhere on the table. On top of it, he drops 2 of his balls in his pocket.
Case 6: Player 1 makes his ball jump over other balls or bumpers.
Result: Player 2 will get to drop any 2 of his balls in the pocket.
Case 7: Player 1 sinks his last ball in Player 2’s pocket.
Result: Player 2 wins the game.
If case 7 does not arise, whoever gets all his 5 balls in his pocket wins the game.

What is the size of a bumper pool table?
A bumper pool table comes in a variety of sizes. You mostly get 3 main variants here – Square Shape tables, Octagonal Shape tables, and Coin op tables.
The usual size of a Square Shape’ table is 54inch Lenght x 39inch Width x 31inch Height’. The playing surface area of these tables is 45.5-in L x 30-in W.
The Octagonal Shape table on an average can be 54L x 54W x 32H inches. The surface area of the table top Diameter or playing area is 45.5.
Coming to the Coin Op one, the table will be 54-in L x 39-in W x 31.5-in H;slate with a playing surface area of 32″ x 48″ x 3/4″ slate. (Coin Op Tables are used for commercial purpose)

What are the rules of bumper pool?
The primary goal of the bumper pool is to sink all your balls into the pockets lying on the opposite side. Following are the rules that you need to follow for doing so:
You have to sink the marked ball first. In case you sink an unmarked ball before the marked one, your opponent gets to put 2 balls into his pocket.
Your pocket lies on the opposite side, next to your opponent’s original balls. If you sink your ball in your opponent’s pockets, the game is over and you stand defeated.
You cannot make your ball jump over the bumpers or other balls of the table. Else, your opponent gets to sink 2 of his balls in his pockets.
If you drop the ball out of the table, your opponent can pick it up and place it anywhere. Additionally, he gets to sink 2 of his balls in his pockets.
You get another turn after sinking your ball in your pocket. Else, you and your opponent will play one by one.

Are bumper pool balls the same size as regular pool balls?
The diameter of a bumper pool ball is 54 mm or 21/8 inches. On the other hand, regular pool balls are much smaller. The American pool tables have balls of diameter 21/4 inches. The 7-foot tables have 2-inch diameter balls and the 6-foot table has 17/8-inch balls.

How do you play bumper pool octagon?
Th octagon table has a slightly different set-up due to its shape. The basic objective and the balls remain the same. You have 5 red and 5 white balls, one of each are marked. The rules also remain the same, where both players start the game simultaneously, aiming to strike the marked ball first.
The difficulty level increases here due to the shape of the table. Since there’s one pocket for each, you can figure out how it will work for you. There may be higher chances of your ball falling out of the table, so that’s where you’ll need practice and patience.
The rules here go the same way – the teams strike simultaneously first. The better player gets his first turn alone and wins more turns as he sinks balls in his pocket. You’re not allowed to cross over bumpers or other balls. Your marked ball should be the first one to sink in the pocket. If you sink your ball in your opponent’s pocket, the game ends and you lose.
The only penalty here is that your opponent gets to sink 2 of his balls in the pocket, getting more chances of winning.

What is slate bumper pool table?
A slate pool bumper table is one that is made of ¾ inches thick slate. The playing surface is originally made of slate and is covered in green fabric. Usually, all pool tables are made of slate as they are more durable and help you play better. They are more expensive compared to the wood with which the rest of the table is made.

How much does a bumper pool table weigh?
The weight of a bumper pool table depends on the size and material used to make it. The answer lies in the range of 100 – 1500 lbs.
MDF tables are lighter than slate tables. On an average, they can weight anything between 100 – 300 lbs. This depends on the size of the table and the quantity of wood used to make it.
On the other hand, slate bumper pool tables are heavier as one slab of slate can weigh between 150 – 250 lbs. a table can have 3 such slabs. Hence, depending on the size of the table and the amount of slate used, it will weigh anything between 650 – 1000 lbs.

What are the best brands of bumper pool tables?
Some of the best brands of bumper pool tables are as follows:
Atomic Classic: The playfield is made of MDF and the size of this table is 57.5 x 41.5 x 32 inches. It is lightweight and super comfortable to play with.
Berner Billiards: This octagonal table has a 42” playing surface area.
Hathaway: This table can be assembled easily by yourself and stands perfectly upon doing so. The bumpers on the table top are chrome plated.
Fairview Game Rooms Combination: This is a multi-purpose game table that can be flat for playing poker and on removing the top layer reveals a bumper pool table.

What are some reasons to buy a bumper pool table rather than a regular pool table?
Even though the regular pool table is more commonly found and played, there are many advantages of buying the bumper pool table instead:

  • Size: The bumper pool table is smaller in size as compared to the regular pool table. Hence, if you have less space, accommodating this will be simpler.
  • Maintenance: The cost and labour incurred behind maintaining a bumper pool table is lesser than many other game tables.
  • Usage: Many bumper pool tables in the market are multi-game tables. If you cover the top, it converts into a poker table. Thus, you get more usage out of it.
  • Different Game: The rules, structure and aim of the bumper pool are different from the regular pool. It is also more interesting and gives players an opportunity to play something different. Since few game rooms keep it, interested players might visit your game room more often than others.
  • Cost: In a way, a bumper pool table is more cost-effective due to its size, maintenance, and multi-usage facility. Even otherwise, they are cheaper than the regular pool table.

How much room do I need for a bumper pool table?
This depends on 2 things – the size of the pool table and the size of the cue. Normally, you need 3 inches of space on all four sides of the table in the room.
For 57” cues, here’s the room size guide:
Bumper Table 30″ x 46″: 12 feet 5 inches x 13 feet 8 inches
Octagonal 50″ Diameter: 14 feet x 2 inches
For 52” cues, the room sizes will be:
Bumper Table 30″ x 46″: 11 feet 7 inches x 13 feet
Octagonal 50″ Diameter: 13 feet x 3 inches
For 48” cues:
Bumper Table 30″ x 46″: 11 feet x 12 feet 3 inches
Octagonal 50″ Diameter: 13 feet

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