Imperial Outdoor Pool Table 8ft Review

So, you are thinking about buying a pool table? And not just any pool table, but the Imperial 8 Foot Outdoor Pool Table. Well, let me tell you – you’ve come to the right place. Pool tables are available in many sizes, materials, and vary greatly in quality. That is why you should do a bit of research before making a purchase, and this is a good way to do so. You can find out everything there is to know about this impressive piece of equipment in the following lines.


A Word About the Manufacturer

When choosing a product to purchase, like most people, you also probably focus on the product itself. That is normal, but it doesn’t hurt to be informed about the manufacturer since that says a lot about the quality of the products.
The Imperial 8 Foot Outdoor Pool Table is a creation of Imperial International, USA. This is a renowned company that offers a full line of billiard tables, and everything else related to billiard. With over 80 years in business, the quality of their products is indisputable.

Product Dimensions and Materials

If you are one of the lucky ones who have some free outdoor space, then Imperial 8 ft pool table will fight right in. You should also know that the users stated this table looks much better “in person” than on the picture.

Let’s take a close look at dimensions and materials used in the making of this product.
The precise dimensions are 98-1/4×54-1/4×31-1/2″, and the playfield is 88″x44″, 18 mm thick. What is important to mention about the playfield is its amazing endurance. The thick Pearl waterproof board with waterproof traction cloth makes a great barrier against any weather conditions that may damage the table.

The Pearl board is actually composed of as much as 140 layers of Formica sheet! Like this isn’t enough, these sheets are enforced with polyester resin. A lot of effort has been invested in the making of this pool board since every piece went through a high temperature and pressure treatment. The final result is a pool board that is water resistant, not susceptible to fire and generally very durable. The rails are made from solid and also very resistible anodized aluminum. The table also has K66 cushion rubber.

Even if you are one of the neediest players, you will not have anything to complain about when it comes to quality of the playing surface. The table is supported by 5-inch large leg-levelers, and each aluminum leg is secured with a bolt. Once the table is set, the table surface will be even and smooth. You will most definitely enjoy playing pool on this table.

Product Design

First of all, this is an elegant piece of equipment. But don’t think it will stand out from your outdoor space. On the contrary! It’s classic design and subtle silver tones will fit into any surrounding. You will feel like a pro playing on this elegant table. Even if your pool skills are not on an admirable level.

Imperial pool table demands little or almost no maintenance. The light silver coloring is very grateful when it comes to dust and other tiny particles that may fall onto the surface. You will hardly notice the dust, but if you do, just use a wet mop. If the table is heavily soiled, just use plain soap and water.


When purchasing this table, you will also get some accessories that go with it. You will get two cues, polyester balls set (resistant to chipping and cracking), chalk (two pieces), a triangle, and a table cover you can use to additionally protect the table.

The Assembly

Imperial International made its customers very happy by launching this 8-foot outdoor pool table. The happiness is even greater when you see how little work is needed to assemble it.

However, the table is very heavy, so it is recommended that four adults turn it over and attach the legs. Imperial International also advises that when installing parts that have more than one bolt, you should start all the bolts in that part by hand, before tightening anything.

Pros and Cons

Lack of space is something most of us suffer from. You are not the only one. With all the things you need in your house, a big pool table will seem as a bit redundant and may end up serving as a desk for dropping clothes, bags and miscellaneous items that come in the way. Luckily for you, this doesn’t mean you should forget about doing something you like and give up your dream of having a pool table in your house. Well, not precisely in, but very close to the house. Outdoor pool tables are a perfect solution.
However, with so many on the market, it is often hard to choose the right one. Hopefully, this review provided you with some useful information about this particular piece. Let’s recap and analyze some pros and cons of owning the Imperial 8 Foot Pool Table.


It is highly durable and withstands various weather conditions including areas with high humidity.
It allows a stable playing surface.
It is elegant and easily fits in any exterior.
It is very easy to set up.
It comes with handy accessories.


Honestly, it is quite hard to find some flaws in this product. The biggest problem is probably that it is quite heavy, so you’ll need help to assemble it. But this is done quickly so you can all start playing pool at once. The price is also a bit higher, but quality comes with a price. Also, this is a good and smart investment since you will use it in years to come.

Having an outdoor pool table is a great way for the whole family to have fun and to finally get your kids out of the house.

Another important advice is to take a closer look at the table you ordered as soon as it arrives. As a buyer, you have the right to complain if there is something wrong with the product you ordered, so it is best to do right away.

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