Lancaster 90 Inch Arcade Pool Table Review

Pool is among the most popular board game with millions of people playing it every day. The game of pool is actually derived from a game developed in somewhere around 1900. Nowadays its popularity reached great heights and is often played at professional and amateur competitions. Pool is mostly played in pool clubs however it’s a great idea to buy a pool table of your own as playing it every day in clubs and casinos can be really costly.

A pool table is not only a board game it is a beautiful piece of furniture for your home and in no time it will become the center of attraction. If you are a pool lover who is planning to get a pool table for your home you should invest in a good brand which assures you both quality and durability. When talking about high-quality pool table you should definitely consider Lancaster 90 inch Arcade game room billiard pool table. It is among the most popular pool tables and is a favorite choice of millions of players worldwide.

You all must be familiar with the brand Lancaster. It is a leading manufacturer of sporting goods and accessories. They assure you innovative products every time with no compromise in terms of quality and durability. Their sports goods are often used in international competitions. Therefore you can confidently trust them. Lancaster 90 inch Arcade game room billiard pool table is a great choice. They provide you with all the essential items and you need not to buy any single thing after buying it. It is a complete set which includes a pool table, pool balls, 2 cue sticks, 2 chalk cubes, a dusting brush, a triangle rack and other essential items.

Features of Lancaster Arcade game room Billiard Pool table

Great build quality

The build quality of the Lancaster pool table is really good. It is available in one to three pieces of slate bed options so you can choose accordingly. Pool tables with three pieces of slate bed are a much better choice as the relocation of the table is easy in comparison to one piece slate bed. It is made with highly durable solid oak or beech wood and is also termite resistant which keeps your mind at peace and also makes sure the table will be in perfect condition for a very long period of time. It has a metal frame construction with rubber cushions, solid wood rails, and wood stands. The slate bed bolts directly onto the main metal frame. The cushions and top frames bolt to the slate bed which gives a consistent, stable and secure playing experience. The deck of the table is constructed with 18 mm thick particle board and also has great bumpers for a faster ball return. Lancaster pool table has a sturdy leg design.  It also has five-inch leg levelers made of metal with a chrome finish.

High-quality Table cloth, pockets, and cushions

Each and every component of Lancaster pool table is made up of high-quality materials be it Rails cushions or pocket. Rail cushions of the table are made up of highly durable rubbers with a lifespan of more than 50 years. They can sustain high temperature and are moisture resistant.

Pockets generally get damaged easily because of heavy uses, therefore, Lancaster has provided extra durable pockets they hold the heavy pool balls effortlessly after every shot.

Lancaster arcade pool table comes with a dark green tablecloth with a lifespan of around three years with heavy usage and of five years with moderate use. Green tablecloth and black laminate complement each other very well and at the same time also complimenting any game room. Scratch resistant and high quality rail coating with k66 bumpers ensure a smooth ball roll and bounce

Slate bed

A slate bed is absolutely necessary for a consistent and leveled playing surface. The slate bed in Lancaster pool table is ¾ inches thick which gives you a consistency in the surface while you are playing. It is made up of one to three pieces among which one piece slate bed gives you much better and consistency but makes moving and relocating the table quite difficult. On the other hand tables with three pieces of slate bed is equally good in terms of performance while also making moving and relocating it easy.

Dimensions and weight

Lancaster is just perfect pool table and weights around 193 pounds or approx 87 kg. The table measures 90 x 50 x 31 inches which are the standard size for pool tables.


The balls, cues and other accessories Lancaster provides along with the pool table are of equally good quality.  Balls are made of resigns and will not break even if it falls accidentally or while playing. They provide you two standard cues made of durable wood the length of which can be adjusted length can be adjusted according to shorts. You are also going to get triangle rack and two for arranging the balls. Two chalk cubes are also provided along with a dusting brush. You don’t have to spend even a single buck on buying accessories.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Lancaster gives 90 days of guarantee with the pool table on any kind of manufacturing defects.

 Pros and cons


  • Great build quality
  • Highly durable woods used
  • Gives a consistent and leveled playing surface
  • High quality pockets
  • Black laminate and green table cloth looks amazing
  • K66 Bumpers and cushions for faster ball returns
  • Complete set of all accessories
  • Highly durable ball made of resigns
  • 90 Days manufacturers’ guarantee
  • High quality and scratch resistant rails


  • Legs are not really strong and sometimes shake
  • Design suitable for game room only
  • It’s not a professionals table only suitable for beginners
  • Not suitable for heavy usage

Therefore Lancaster Arcade room game billiard pool table is an amazing choice if you are looking for both quality and durability at a fair price. It not only a game table but is also a beautiful and attractive piece of furniture. Lancaster assures you the best quality and seamless performance. Smooth ball rolling and bounce with faster. The cushions deliver fastball returns for perfect shot placement. Along with that, you are going to get a complete set of necessary items like balls, cues, racks, chalk cubes and other essential things. The pool table can be easily relocated or moved. Assembling it is also quite easy and can be done by two peoples. You can’t get anything better than Lancaster when buying pool tables.

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