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If you’re a pool shark who loves playing pool and is planning to buy a pool table for your game room or home MD Sports pool tables is a great choice for you. MD sports as you all know is a leading manufacturer of sports good and especially pool tables. The brand is known for its high-quality products with no compromise in terms of quality and durability. When talking about the pool there is a wide range of beautiful pool tables which will definitely catch the attention of your guests and friends. Each is having its own uniqueness and specialty so you can choose the one which best suits your needs. MD Sports provides you with the complete set of accessories including cues, brush, chalk, balls etc along with the table making it a smart choice. Four of the most popular pool tables from MD Sports is listed below:

MD Sports Titan Billiard table 90 inch set style (Recommended) 

MD Sports 96 inch set is an all-time favorite pool table. Its sturdy design and great built quality make it a perfect choice for your recreation or game room. It is a 7.5 feet long large size pool table which is ideal for both teen and adults.

Some more features of the MD Sports 90 inch set pool table are:

  • Great build quality: The table is made from best quality woods and has metal legs for a strong and stable support. The 18mm thick laminate used in making the playfield ensures you a smooth ball roll and consistent playing surface. The base and rails of the tables are made up of MDF or medium density fiberboard which is highly durable.
  • Complete accessories: The tables come with all the necessary items including a set of balls, two wooden cues, a triangle rack and a table brush. So you are paying for the whole set and will not have to spend any extra money.
  • Premium looks: The 7.5 feet long pool table from MD Sports has got premium looks. The dark color woods and laminate looks amazing and compliments any game room. The metal legs with chrome finish give an elegant look and sturdy support.

So overall the pool table is loaded with great feature and ensures you a quality time with your friends and family.

MD Sports Billiard table 96 inches

MD Sports Titan is another quality product of MD Sports. It is a 90-inch set pool table with 7.5 long standard sizes. The dimensions of the table are 89 x 50 x 31 inches and it weighs approx 186 pounds. The durable table comes with all the necessary supplies like balls, pool sticks etc. It is ideal for both beginners as well as professional’s players. So get ready to make beautiful memories with your family and friends.

Details and features

  • Heavy Duty Construction: The playfield of the table is 3/4 inches suitable for consistent playing surface and a smooth ball rolling. The heavy-duty metal legs give the table stability for quality shots. It also has 6 inches leg levelers for enhanced stability. The pockets are also made of a high-quality material which holds the balls firmly and also lasts for years.
  • Set of accessories: The tables come with each and every item needed for a game of pool. It includes pool sticks, a set of balls, two chalk cubes, wooden rack and a table brush.
  • K66 bumpers for accurate play :The K66 bumpers used in the tables give an accurate ball bounce. It makes your shot accurate.

All these features make this table a smart choice for your game room.

MD Sports 84″ Billiard Table and Table Tennis Top combination

MD Sports 84″ Billiard Table and Table Tennis Top combination is another popular choice of millions of players worldwide. The table is just perfect for your house or game room. The specialty of this pool table is that it comes with a table tennis top and can be converted into a table tennis anytime. So you can enjoy both games the pool and table tennis while paying just for a pool table.

Here are some more features of this convertible pool table:

  • Great build design: The table is made of good quality materials. It has got a dark wood laminate with chrome corner caps. The wooden legs give a very stable support to the table. The long-lasting tablecloth will last for a year with moderate usage.
  • Amazing looks: The table looks are amazing and eye-catching. The red tablecloth and dark wood laminate complement each other very well. The chrome corner cap adds a spark to its looks making it extraordinary.
  • Convertible: The main reason behind its extreme popularity is that it can be transformed into a table tennis. The table tennis top and other accessories are included which can be used to convert the pool into table tennis in a few minutes.
  • Accessories: Like other MD Sports pool tables, you are going to get essential accessories with it. This includes two wooden cues, triangle, brush, a set of balls, a table brush, cue chalks, paddle, net and post and also ping pong balls.

The table also comes with 90 days warranty and is surely not going to disappoint you.

MD Sports Sportcraft 7.5-Foot Ball and Claw Billiard Table with Cue Rack

MD Sports Sportcraft 7.5-Foot Billiard Table is not only a pool table but a really beautiful piece of furniture for your home or recreation room. The table features the very famous balls and claws leg design which looks awesome. The classic green tablecloth and the brown laminate add a charm to its looks.


High-quality cushions and tablecloth: The table comes with K 818 bumpers which give a very consistent bounce and fast return for professional shots. The tablecloth used gives a very smooth ball rolling which makes the balls respond to your shots very well. It is also very durable with a life of more than two years.

Great build quality: The build quality of the table is very good. The playfield is thick enough for consistent playing and smooth ball rolls. It has a sturdy leg design which supports the table. You are not going to experience any shakes while playing shots.

Accessories: The accessories include cue racks, a set of balls, two pool sticks, chalk cubes, brush and triangle rack.The pockets and other parts of the tables are equally good. Its extraordinary looks and durable construction makes this table one of the best choices for your house or gaming room. So just don’t over think about it go and grab yours fast.

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