Top 5 ways to Maintain you’re Pool Table

Either a beginner or an experienced pool player, all you ever dream of is a clean perfectly leveled pool table. However, if not properly maintain, your table will ultimately lose its quality and shape.
So, why should you maintain your Pool Table?

Well, a pool table is an incredibly versatile equipment; however, if not taken care of it can result to damages which may cost you a fortune. So, if you want your table to enjoy quality games for a long, it is impartial to always keep your table free from dirt, dust, and stains. Placing your pool table in an ideal environment is also important for you to fulfill you’re all time gaming California fantasy.

How to Maintain your Pool Table?

Keeping a pool table great does not really require some extra muscles. So, to succeed in this-this, you need to check on your discipline side rather than how hard you work. Well, there are various ways of keeping your pool table at top condition.

1. Cleaning

Well, playing pool is deceptively addictive. However, as you sink deeper into gaming, the table gets dirty before even you can realize it. With the table in constant use, significant volumes of hair, cloth debris and chalk residue get deposited on the equipment, which if not properly managed can damage the quality of the table. So, if you want your pool table to last longer cleaning it is not an option.
When cleaning your table there are a number of components and gaming tools to consider.

Cloth Cleaning

Well, surface felts are some of the most delicate and sensitive components of a pool table. So, when undertaking this task you need to have some stable pair of hands and a keen understanding of the material you are working with, otherwise, you will end up with torn Pool Table clothing. Here your goal is to get rid of the dust, dirt, hair and chalk build up on the felt without damaging the thin linen.

So, start off by thoroughly brushing your pool table at the middle then move on and work on to the edges. Next, finish off by brushing both ends, each at a time. However, make sure that strokes are straight and light so as to avoid damaging the delicate felt. To reach the deeply embedded dirt and stains I would, however, advise you to consider giving your table an extra brushing.

After completing the brushing, use a light suction vacuum cleaner to suck the main table expanse off the brushed out dirt and deeply embedded pockets of dust and chalk. To pull out the dirt under the rails inside the pockets, however, a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery tool would be a perfect choice.

However, for the occasional deep cleaning, a Foam cleaner with a Pool Table cleaning detergent would be the perfect selection. If your table may have deep stains which you are not comfortable with a damp cloth would come in handy. Rather than rubbing off, use a wet clean cloth and blot it on the stain to dissolve it. To dry off the affected area using a dry clean cloth.


    • Consider a brush with some soft bristles
    • Set the vacuum cleaner on a low power suction

Frame Cleaning

Supporting the whole equipment the frame is one of the most vital components of the pool table. However, hidden beyond direct view, it is understandable not to notice the dust and grime on the frame.
Cleaning the frame is quite easy and hardly needs any expertise or skill. Use a clean dry cloth to dust off the table’s legs, rail, and the cabinet. Sometimes, however, you may find grime on your frame. Here use an appropriate wood cleaner like Bona to clean off this sticky substance.

Balls Cleaning

Are you wondering how dirty balls affect your pool table? Well, I would be glad to tell you how… As dirty balls roll over the table they deposit dirt and their weight push it deeper into the clothing which results too deeply imprinted felt stains. Clean balls ensure cleaner cushions, and cues. In addition dirt free balls also ensure unrestricted rolling giving you a perfect gaming experience.

Cleaning the balls is quite simple and will take you less than 10 minutes. All you need to do is wipe them with a clean damp cloth. However for thorough cleaning, especially when there are oil deposit and other waterproof dirt, consider using removers like vinegar

2. Covering the Pool Table

It is impossible to completely keep your pool table from getting dirty. However, you can reduce your table’s exposure to dust and other elements by covering it. Well, Investing in a pool table cover sounds ridiculously stupid…but look at it this way, covering your table will protect it from dust, spills and sun rays. So, your table will remain cleaner for longer, reducing your cleaning frequency. With your tables less exposed to elements, chances are it will not get dirty so often, hence reducing your cleaning frequency which reduces wear and tear of the pool table.

So, to give your pool table the most needed protection against dirt, dust, extreme levels of humidity and the lethal sun rays (causes cloth fading), the vinyl covers would be a perfect choice.


  • Consider a cover that will perfectly fit over your table
  •  Set a no drinking or eating rule at the table. If anyone must eat/drink, he or she does so at the small provisional at the side.

3. Buy Quality Balls

If you are enthusiast pool player, you must have noticed the little dots on the table surface, well; they are burn spots and not stain as many pool tables owners mistake them for. Once your pool tablecloth is infested by this spots removing them is impossible. So, there is every incentive for you to avoid them.

So how do they occur?
Braking is an incredibly popular trick among most pool players. However, as you break between 15 to 20mph there is an instantaneous temperature rise (above 212F) which decomposes the woolen cloth forming permanent burn spots.

But since these spot burns are as a result of using low-quality balls the cheapest way out is buying quality balls. Although a bit expensive, phenolic resin balls would be a perfect selection to save you the enormous costs for replacing a tablecloth.

4. Pool Table Placing

Even though you may think otherwise, trust me, the place where you place your pool table really counts on the time it will last.

Well, you should avoid placing your equipment near windows or place where it is exposed to direct sunlight. The lethal UV ray from the sun not only causes the tablecloth to fade but also makes the wooden table frame to dry and crack. Additionally, you should not install your table in houses with leaking roofs and other watery environments as this can result in molds growth and wood rotting

5. Avoid Poor Gaming Tricks

In the United States, 90% of cases of damaged pool tables have a direct relation to how the gamers play. On average a quality pool table should serve you for a lifetime. However, due to inefficient gaming techniques, most of these assets hardly last more than 3 decades.

So, to make your table last longer, you should avoid frequent and unnecessary cue chalking as the chalk dust greatly affects the quality of the tablecloth. Shots that force the cue tip to dig into the cloth and wearing jewelry when gaming is also another pool gaming vice. These digging shots and sharp edges on the jewelry can scratch the felt reducing its resilient which eventually leads to wear and tear. Lastly, avoid playing cards on the pool table.


If you have noticed signs of your pool table cloth tearing or scratches on the wood, first check if your warranty is still viable rather than rush on DIY repair.

Bottom Line

So, those are some of the ways to maintain your pool table. I hope you have enjoyed reading through our article. Hit our inbox and let me know your thoughts.

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